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 Re:Presenting Afrofuturism is a panel-led discussion about one of the most talked talked about genres of entertainment today! It is our largest annual event. For the panel, we summon creatives and fans of the genre to generate on conversation on the presence and future of blackness in art, science, and entertainment.

(Zoom link will be provided closer to date of the event and on our website)

 Royalty Cosplay
// Cosplayer, Creative Director

Royalty Cosplay is a cosplay artist and a strong advocate for diversity in the world of costume play. Her drive for bringing justice and respect to the craft inspired her to become a creative director for cosplay photo shoots for Dr. LAWS’s Photo Lab. The group host large, inclusive photo shoots for

comic and cosplay conventions, where any character can be played by anyone!  #RepresentationMatters

Evan Narcisse
// Journalist, Critic, Author - “ Rise of the Black Panther”

Harlem’s own Evan Narcisse has built an impressive resume with his writings from Time Magazine to Kotaku, highlighting the intersections of blackness and pop culture. One of his most notable highlights has been his work with Marvel Comics.

“Rise of the Black Panther” is highly acclaimed - though only being six issues, it captures the perfect snapshot of T’Challa’s life as a king and a hero. The story is a cemented favorite for Panther fans. Narcisse also brought Miles Morales to new life in the PlayStation hit title, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, by giving their shared Harlem hometown a culturally vibrant backdrop for the game.


Stacey Robinson
// Graphic Artist, Professor, Illustrator

Stacey Robinson is a respected graphic artist, who’s work tells tales of triumph, horror, and beauty, sometimes all in one piece! In Robinson’s own words, many of his gallery pieces

“teeter at the edge of celebration and exploitation of Black culture with a use of postmodern appropriations...cultural symbols, machinery, and non-human life forms as survivalist metaphors for the Black experience”. While you digest all of that, we add that he also works in conjunction with John Jennings as the comic duo, “Black Kirby”, who reimagine Black resistance inspired by Hip-Hop, religion, and arts and sciences.



// Songwriter, Musician, Hip-Hop & R&B Artist

Buffalo native and musically spirited Genecist is a class act in the city’s underground hip-hop scene. His lyrically charged yet soulful songs paint a journey of adversity and downfall that always

rises to success and humility. Genecist’s music and stage-fits capture his love and value for pop culture, philosophy, family, and spiritual grounding in religion. #GuyWithTheHat