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1. Sparks the imagination

Long before man stepped on the moon, could use computers or even built flying machines, comic books showed us the possibilities of what could happen. That's right! Comic book characters like John Stewart, Monica Rambeau and Nick Fury dashed through space giving young minds hope for what could be.

Scientific curiosity and sociological achievement was the bedrock in which many of the comics I grew up on were founded and it makes you wonder “What is really possible?“, “What can I do?”. Comics offer readers a world in which ordinary people come to a point where they are able to do extraordinary things”. I’m not saying comics directly led to the hubble space telescope but I am saying something planted the seeds that led us to achieve a great many things (AND WHY NOT A COMIC BOOK) So read one today - and you might become an astronaut or something one day. Who knows.

2. Elevated thinking/reading

Comics are not just for kids! There I said it - and it’s true. Any and everyone who picks up a comic book can benefit greatly from the experience. Literature in all its forms opens up a treasure trove of ideas that can spark new ideas and comic books are no exception.

For many and sometimes even myself reading can become a chore (especially in this current age of social media Snapchat, Instagram etc.) but comic books can be a solution to this. Not only are you engaging with text and images that help develop reading skills and vocabulary but it’s also fun and enjoyable - and really who can argue with that? 

3. Better than the movie. I PROMISE! 

It’s no surprise that we now exist in a multi-billion dollar superhero zeitgeist. From movies like Black Panther, Justice League, Spider man into the Spider-verse, and even Harley Quinn we see stories that many of us grew up on reading in comic books now on the big screen. But I promise the back-story is almost always better and guess where you can find fully fleshed out, juicy and captivating backstories done right - YOU guessed right! Comics

4. Culturally socially relevant 

As an art form comics have tended to reflect society at large. During the 40s we saw comics used as a propaganda platform for the war efforts. The 50s saw comics dealing with the age of scientific imagination (and coping with censorship). The 60s saw comics tackling the issues of racial intolerance (with Marvel’s mutant population). I mean the philosophies of Magneto and Proffesor X could directly be translated to Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X. The 70s saw women taking a more active role in comics, while the 80s saw comics taking on a darker more violent edge. The comparisons continue of course, but the point is that the comics we read, whether as kids or as adults, were reflective of the society we were living in. 

5. Comic books are fun

They are! But don’t take my word for it. Whether you’re a kid, young adult or old adult (such as myself) comic books can provide a way for you to lose yourself, even for a short time in a world filled with wonder and excitement. They’re fun and it is as simple as that - so stop by a local comic book store today -- well what are you waiting for? Go! And let us know what your favorite comic books to read are below.


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